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Who I am


I would like to think of myself as a person with inquisitive mind and avid interest in social psychology.  There isn't much special about me, but this is exactly the point of this blog too - there isn't much special about most of us. We are all humans with everyday jobs, doing everyday stuff, despite what we would like to believe. Likelihood is, my struggles, worries and dreams are not at all that different from yours, or everyone else's. At the end of the day, aren't we just a combination of ephemeral atomic particles within the vast universe. 


My Philosophy


I write about the human mindset, the way we think, feel and behave, and the reasons why we do so. It is a wonderful area to explore, an area, which while well understood in some aspects, is still a black hole in others. Because after all, what is more human than trying to understand who and what we are?

My philosophy is very simple - our happiness, the way we feel about ourselves and others, our attitude towards life , are nothing more than an interplay between expectations and reality.  It is the first part of this relationship where we often get it wrong - we simply expect too much of ourselves, of others, of life. Many of us have blind spots to our own weaknesses, which propels a slightly glorified view of ourselves and our self-worth. A view, which we then project onto others and expect nothing less in return. We simply fail to grasp the human element, which makes is so imperfect, but it also makes us what we are - human. 

I try to look at things from a more pragmatic perspective - the perspective of extraordinary yet imperfect and troubled beings, filled with dreams, but also fears; love, but also hatred; logic, but also impulses. This is exactly what are - a beautiful and highly complex combination of everything, because the reality is - despite millions of years of evolution, we remain only humans!


Contact me


I would be happy to hear you, whether you have recommendations, thoughts or any feedback. Drop me an e-mail at

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